“Parade Waiting for Levon”

I started this tune a while back and gave it some temporary name like “Mardi Gras”. It stayed untouched for a couple of years, but it’s finally getting to see the light of day thanks to the sad news that the great Levon Helm has passed away. I’m not claiming it’s worthy of this tremendously soulful man, but Levon gets full credit for inspiring me to pretty it up a bit, get it out there, and, most of all, give it a better name.

“B. Obama” (Teaser Trailer #3)

Another week, and I’m still stuck on this furshlugginer tune! At least it’s proving to be fertile ground for teaser trailers.

In all honesty, the way “B. Obama” is turning out is probably the way I’ll continue to post music: Little bits released one at a time as I try to assemble them all for a final mix. I only hope these little “interstitials” are entertaining enough in their own right.

Without further ado, here’s our catch o’ the day, “B. Obama”, the third teaser trailer:

Aaaaaand, just for old time’s sake, here are the two earlier excerpts:

“B. Obama” (Teaser Trailer #1)

“B. Obama” (Teaser Trailer #2)