What Should I Write a Song About? – Final Round!

Nato with a dismayed look on his face and a cartoon thought bubble, 'WHY DO I GET MYSELF INTO THESE THINGS?'OK, last week you collectively submitted forty-one song ideas for me for me to write a song about.

I told you I was going to figure out the topmost titles or themes, and then have the run-off vote where you pick from the top three-to-five. Well…I just couldn’t do it. The figuring out thing.

Part of it was just good, old-fashioned laziness, but most of it was being in sheer awe of how twisted some of you are. “Tell me the truth about lying”? “Burlington, Barcelona, Bahrain, Botswanna, Be My Baby #BTV”? “Mr Ding-a-ling’s ding dong singalong”? I mean…you guys do know I’m a serious songwriter, right?

Ah well, a promise is a promise, so…here we go! Forty-one song titles or ideas are going into the ring, and only one is coming out. Make your choice. Hell, vote multiple times. I’ll leave the form open through the next weekend, and then, early next week…I move to Canada. Or reveal the next song you want me to write.

(September 1: Sorry voting period’s over. Now I have to figure out how to write about…well…YOU’ll see…)

* Well, with maybe one or two exceptions…

What Should I Write a Song About?

what-should-i-write-a-song-about-thumbRemember back when I promised you that, if I was elected the “King” of Burlington Social Media Day, I’d write a song about whatever you want? Yeah, me and my big, fat, tweeting fingers…

OK, so, here’s the drill: It’s time for you to come up with a song title, e.g., “I Came to Take You Out to Lunch, But You Already Were” (sorry, already taken by Vermont’s own The Oleo Romeos) or a theme, e.g., “Conspiring with a woman to kill her husband” (sorry, also already taken by Vermont’s own The Oleo Romeos).

I’ll keep collecting data through Friday, August 1 (not to be confused with Burlington’s premier café/bakery). Over the weekend, I’ll figure out the topmost titles or themes, and then on Monday, August 4, I’ll have the run-off vote where you pick from the top 3-5.

Nu, what are you waiting for? Tell me what to write! (The form may take a few seconds to appear, so please be patient…)

Sorry, the first round’s over, but there may still be time to vote in the final round.

“Thank You All” – Acceptance Song for #BTVSMD14

So yesterday I won the fifth annual Burlington Social Media Day “2014 Social Media Royalty > King” award. It was a great and not-entirely-unexpected* honor, so, as you might by now expect, I was prepared with a song for the occasion just in case, knowing that would make my acceptance speech** a little unusual.

What was more than a little unusual was that, in a room full of social media mavens, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM SEEMS TO HAVE RECORDED MY PERFORMANCE. These are people for whom, presumably, entertaining or unusual content is as fundamental to their online presence as a windsor knot is to a Wall Street banker***. In retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have told them all they had to clap along. Who knew social media mavens love to clap along?

So once I got home, I dusted off my shiny new crown**** and tried, tried again.

Burlington Social Media Day is the brainchild and labor of love (ain’t no money in it) of Lara Dickson, a graphic designer with serious online communications chops, who moved to Vermont around the start of the tens. Having been inspired by Mashable, she and Anna Palmer organized the first one on June 30, 2010, and at this point it’s becoming a real Queen City tradition.

…So it’s late, and I’ll finish this blog post this weekend (including details about the process whereby you all are going to tell me what song to write next…) So here’s how you can tell me what song to write next, but for now, I’ll leave you with the lyrics, which pretty much say what I’d want to say if I could write lyrics.

Thank You All

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart
I can’t believe this is real, and I don’t know where to start
(I just spent) two whole days just a-beggin’ and a-pleadin’
Said goodbye to the last shred of dignity I’m needin’

   But it’s been a ride that I’ll never regret
   The love from you guys is the best thing yet
   When I look around and I see the smiles
   I wanna keep on tweetin’ and re-tweetin’ and repeatin’ it

Thanks so much to the great Shay Totten
I will never know a tenth as much as that guy has forgotten, Baby
Thanks so much to the mighty Aki Soga
When it’s time to throw a party, just invite that homeboy ovah

   And hey, Lara Dickson, this one’s for you
   We’re all construction paper and you’re the glue
   Shining your light on the social scene
   I think we all know who’s the real Queen

Thank you all, and I can’t say enough
About the things that you teach me when times are tough
(And I’m so) proud to be part of the Burlington scene
Tweeting in Vermont, and we postin’ what we want

   Most of all, thank my love so true:
   She’s at-sign-mrs-winooski to you
   She puts up with this, so I hope it shows
   You never know where a little tweetin’ will go
   Never know where a little tweetin’ will go
   Never know where a little tweetin’ will go

© Copyright 2014 Nate Orshan

* I did sorta campaign hard for it. And promise everyone I’d write whatever song they, in the aggregate, decided. More on that above.

** Once the awards ceremony kicked off, I saw that people don’t usually get to say anything after they’ve received their award. But did that stop me?

*** I’m assuming.

**** Yes, I did get a crown, but it’s made out of flimsy paper, just like my social media skills.