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What Should I Write a Song About?

what-should-i-write-a-song-about-thumbRemember back when I promised you that, if I was elected the “King” of Burlington Social Media Day, I’d write a song about whatever you want? Yeah, me and my big, fat, tweeting fingers…

OK, so, here’s the drill: It’s time for you to come up with a song title, e.g., “I Came to Take You Out to Lunch, But You Already Were” (sorry, already taken by Vermont’s own The Oleo Romeos) or a theme, e.g., “Conspiring with a woman to kill her husband” (sorry, also already taken by Vermont’s own The Oleo Romeos).

I’ll keep collecting data through Friday, August 1 (not to be confused with Burlington’s premier cafĂ©/bakery). Over the weekend, I’ll figure out the topmost titles or themes, and then on Monday, August 4, I’ll have the run-off vote where you pick from the top 3-5.

Nu, what are you waiting for? Tell me what to write! (The form may take a few seconds to appear, so please be patient…)

Sorry, the first round’s over, but there may still be time to vote in the final round.