Who Is Nato?

  • I was a longtime Burlingtonian (Burlington, Vermont, USA), a Frankfortian since 2018 (Frankfort, Kentucky, USA).
  • I’m a performing songwriter. OK, a songwriter. OK, I push pixels around a monitor. There, you happy?
  • I’m hoping this blog spurs me to produce more original content. Ideally, songs. Secondarily, writing. Thirdendarily, made-up words.

2 thoughts on “Who Is Nato?

  1. Hi Nate!

    Phoebe and Karl here. Just wanted to tell you we love “Hoodie-Footie #3”!!!

    Hope you and Kit are well these days.

    1. Hey Phoebe and Karl, thanks so much! Phoebe, I’m sure the “set” looks very familiar to you, though I temporarily took down the “Krazy Kat Mondrian” poster for the big production. 😉 Here’s hoping you both are in good health and good spirits!

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