“Hoodie-Footie #2”

Vermont Teddy Bear Company may be the closest thing Vermont has to a Disney company, a place that cultivates a sense of whimsical possibilities. Being part of The Bear certainly gave me plenty of excuses to come up with…goofy songs. I wrote one for the company’s 2008 Burlington Mardi Gras float (“I wanna give the world a beeeeear huuuuuug!”), and I wrote a few promoting Hoodie-Footie, one of the flagship products of its daughter company, PajamaGram.

Here’s the second song I wrote for Hoodie-Footie (so I called it, uh, “Hoodie-Footie #2”). A ham such as I has no qualms about getting into a pink adult onesie and losing what little dignity he has left, but I have to give my appreciation to my coworkers who dared to don very warm, hooded PJs and dance their way into…immortality…

(Cheers to PajamaGram for the video!)

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