“Once in a While” 01

Welcome to the birth of a new song:

Well, it may be a song when it grows up. What it is right now is a refrain I repeat over and over (“Once in a while / You get (the/that) good thing / Ain’t it a good thing?”) with a minimal acoustic guitar accompaniment.

What I notice is that, in the course of the two and a half minutes, I hear myself going from tentative to confident. As it starts, I’ve probably only sung the line a few times before deciding it’s worth trying to record, so I’m handling the lines gingerly, like a new cat I don’t know whether will purr or pounce. As the tune goes along, the refrain clicks, and I start being able to work it a bit.

And what do the lyrics mean? Well, the clay hasn’t hardened yet, so there’s no telling its final shape. Actually…that’s not really true. You can tell by the measured pace, by the cadence, and by its call and response form that it’ll probably want to be some kind of soul tune, a slow jam. That suggests it’s probably about something romantic, clicking with somebody, a relationship song. Or maybe it’s about, y’know, knitting a sweater.

If you’re interested in seeing how some (of my) songs start out, this is a perfect primer.

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