The Mirocialites Rock “Let’s Go Miro”

It was truly an honor to be able to play “Let’s Go Miro”, the song I wrote extolling his candidacy for Burlington Mayor, at Miro Weinberger’s victory party at Nectar’s on March 6, 2012. What made it even more marvelous was the work of three singers and dancers: Julia, Amelia, and Ella, a/k/a “The Mirocialites”. If elections were decided by joie de vivre, this cheerful trio could have bounced Miro to US Senate.

(Video: Copyright © 2012 Dave Gibson)

What’s with the headband? The Mirocialites were definitely not going on stage without theirs, and they insisted that I follow suit. Each headband featured a circular “Miro for Mayor” sticker, making it as functional as it was fashionable.

Here’s a big cheer for Dave Gibson’s steady hand on the videocam. Most of all, my eternal gratitude goes to Julia, Amelia, and Ella for taking a chance on an unknown musician like me.

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